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The Errol Flynn Video Collection

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x01 Captain Blood

x02 The Charge of the Light Brigade

x03 The Prince and the Pauper

x04 The Adventures of Robin Hood

x05 Dodge City

x06 The Private Lives of Elizabeth and Essex

x07 The Sea Hawk

x08 Dive Bomber

x09 They Died With Their Boots On

x10 Desperate Journey

x11 Gentleman Jim

x12 Edge of Darkness

x13 Uncertain Glory

x14 Objective Burma!

x15 San Antonio

x16 Cry Wolf


As a huge fan of Errol Flynn,  I just love the artwork of Errol on these Warner Brother Videos.

The collection comprises 17 videos in total.

They appear to have been released in two groups of six and then one group of five.

If anybody has another video in the same series not shown here, then I would love to hear about it!

Here is an interesting link – it shows every Errol Flynn film

in order of box office success!



x17 Adventures of Don Juan